The Gacha Corner is a unique gambling opportunity on VDex. To use the Gacha Corner, you must first purchase a

Gacha ball blue

Gacha Ball, a special kind of Pokeball used only in the Gacha Corner. Gacha Balls cost 1000 PokeDollars each, and can be used for three seperate things: Adopting Pokemon, Adopting Mystery Eggs, and placing Pokemon you already own in Gacha Balls.

Pokemon released by VDex users can be found in the Gacha Adoption Zone. The adoption zone will list four Pokemon at a time, with the option to adopt one of them, or scroll through more randomly chosen options. Any adopted Pokemon comes with a random item as well.

Mystery Eggs can be purchased in the Gacha Zone with a Gacha Ball and an additional 300 PokeDollar fee. These eggs will contain a random species of Pokemon from the current 649 in existance, including legendaries. The Pokemon that hatch from these eggs will also be holding a random item upon birth.

Placing Pokemon you already own into Gacha Balls allows VDex users to customize their Pokemon, generally by putting it in a Gacha Ball that matches the color of the Pokemon. Once you place a Pokemon into a Gacha Ball, it will be given a random item as well.