When you go to map you are in the region that you choose to be in or the last place you were at and in there you can catch wild pokemon by press the search button which looks like the one on button of map.
Poke radar
The map tab is probably the place most users will spend on the site. Clicking it when you first sign up will take you to the starting town of the region he/she selected when signing up. Clicking on the map tab afterward will take the user to the last place visited.


Towns and cities are places where players may buy supplies from shops using Pokedollars. There are also NPC's in certain areas, which may do useful things for the player.


These areas are places Pokemon may be caught. If the player does not have at least one Pokeball, a Pokemon will not show up. The Pokemon appearances are based on what they are in the main Pokemon games. Unlike the games, you do not battle wild Pokemon. Players search for pokemon by pressing the "search again" button on the screen, which refreshes the wild Pokemon area.

Each Pokemon has a chance to be a shiny Pokemon or a retro Pokemon, changing their sprite and making them much more valuable. Each Pokemon can be caught in a Pokeball the player has, each with different rates.